BWCA on Google Earth

July 20th, 2005 - 5:06pm by Slye Fox

Have you heard of this new incredible tool (toy) the folks at Google have given us? It's Google Earth and it's about the coolest thing to play with since GPS became affordable.

If you haven't yet, download it immediately since it's free and begin by finding your house. It uses the old keyhole software to show tilt and panable views of the satellite aerial photos. And the best part is - google is constantly updating their database with higher resolution pics and data. Each time you turn the software on, it's going out and downloading the latest stuff available. Powerful stuff. Check out the latest high-res scans over the Monticello area.

Now, once you've played around with it for a bit, download the BWCA file that I made. It shows "VIP Island" where we camped last year. Compare it to last year's map. The kmz file also has an overlay from other mapping software that I have of Snowbank Lake, where we're going this weekend. It's pretty nifty stuff.