Plan C

June 8th, 2005 - 9:26pm by Mom

Okay, now we are on plan C!! On Tuesday I was at Mpls Children's Hospital in my nursing supervisor capacity. I attended the discharge conference and finalized all of the last minute details needed for our new little client to come home to PDN homecare on Wed. After that was completed, I met with Kevin's RNCNP oncologist who informed me that she just found out Kevin couldn't wait to start the radiation until after he got back from the Montana camp on 7-6. He needed to begin the radiation immediately and it would have to be completed before he leaves for camp on the 29th, or he wouldn't be able to go.

He needs 14 treatments in all and they have to be consecutive M-F, with Sat and Sun off. She spend the rest of the afternoon pulling every string in the book to get everything set up so Kevin would be finished in time to go to camp. This took a lot of effort because we are talking about coordinating between Abbott Northwestern Hospital radiology dept. and all of the people and tests involved with getting the radiation started. They arranged for Kevin to be at Abbott this morning at 6:45am for the simulation mapping and then the CT scan at 7:30am.

Dr. Kim, the radiologist, met with us after that to explain in detail about the treatments and what to expect for short and long term effects r/t it. The bad thing is the area where they will be radiating is over the heart and thyroid so there is no way of knowing how much damage to each will be done. They will be monitoring his cardiac and thyroid function very closely over the next few years.

They do have the system perfected so there is absolutely zero room for error with the radiation. The simulation involved making a mold of the exact position Kevin will be lying in for the treatments for his chest and head. They also made a mask formed to his face--this body and face mold will be used to map the spots that will be radiated. This is all done by computers with information obtained from the CT and PET Scans. When Kevin is lying in this mold, he will be in the exact position needed by the computer to direct the beams to the right spot. They try to pinpoint just the tumor and eliminate hitting surrounding cells.

After that was completed, we went back to the oncology clinic for labs. If Kevin's ANC isn't over 1000, we can't start the radiation. Well, Sue, his nurse, called with the results late this afternoon. Kevin's ANC was 720. He was scheduled to receive his first radiation tx tomorrow at 3:30pm. Sue called CentraCare and arranged for Kevin to have labs drawn again tomorrow before we go. The ANC should be coming up steadily now that chemo is finished. If it still isn't over 1000 tomorrow, we will draw again on Friday, and hopefully start the radiation then.

They are willing to do the 2nd tx on Sat. So Kevin still gets 2 in this week. Everyone is really trying hard to have the 14 treatments completed in time for Kevin to be able to go to camp. If we can get 2 in this week, his last one will be on the 28th. He is scheduled to fly to Montana on the 29th. Hopefully, he won't suffer from to much fatigue and other possible side effects from the radiation.

Now we need everyone to pray for the ANC to come up so we can get this process started. Kevin is really looking forward to going to the camp, and he so deserves it.

June 13, 2005 - 2:09pm
onehotmama says:

Hey, It's Aunt Al form SC. The Rabbit is always in our prayers. Tell Mom if she needs anything to call, Grandma has the #'s. Love you guys.