On-going Fatigue!

May 27th, 2005 - 7:55pm by Mom

Kevin was still extremely fatigued with constant nasal drainage today. Some of his friends and classmates have been recently diagnosed with mono, so there was a concern that maybe Kevin could have picked it up when his cell count was so low. He didn't have the classic sore throat, but definitely has the fatigue. Mpls Children's called Centracare clinic and arranged for Kevin to go to the Short Stay unit for a blood workup to r/t mono and try to determine a cause for this lingering malaise that started on Tuesday.

The preliminary lab results did r/o mono. The results of the rest of the labs will be in by next week Wednesday when we go to the Mpls hospital for the tests. It looks like Kevin caught a viral bug that is playing havoc with his weakened system. Hopefully it will run its course over the w/e. After all, we should now be entering into the era of new hair sprouts, developing fat lumps over the emaciated frame, and some pink shades appearing through the yellow pale complexion!