GCSF is officially terminated!

May 25th, 2005 - 7:24pm by Mom

The tenacious beast is slowly loosing its hold on Kevin. The labs which were drawn on Monday came back showing a nice elevation. The WBC was 19.4, hgb was 10.1, and platelets were 175. This was a dramatic improvement from the past Thursday. This must mean that the chemo is slowly leaving his system. The GCSF was officially terminated and no more labs until the testing day on 6-1.

Kevin is very fatigued today and is battling congestion, but he may have picked up a small bug when his counts were so low. Hopefully it will have a short duration. Besides, what a good way to spend a rainy evening--lying on the couch wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket! He received 2 great blankets from the hospital and is putting them to good use. One is perfect for the couch, and the other is smaller and perfect for a cover up in the car.