Tenacious Hold

May 22nd, 2005 - 12:35pm by Mom

Alas, the big C continues to try to dominate Kevin's life. You have to admire its tenacity--it sure is determined to go down fighting! Kevin's labs from last week plummeted yet again. His Plateletts were down to 33 and the WBC's were 0.5 (the lowest these two counts have ever been). The Hbg was 8.9, also very low (the lowest was 8 prior to his transfusion).

Needless-to-say, he doesn't have much energy. He will be on GCSF through Monday, when more labs are scheduled for all of the above plus C-Diff and CBC. I know it takes awhile for the chemo to leave his system, so I suppose this is to be expected. However, I can't wait to shout for joy when this formidable adversary is pounded into the ground for keeps. I am not by nature a vindictive person, but this is one time when I won't hesitate to throw the first stone!