Last Treatment!

May 14th, 2005 - 10:01pm by Mom

The chemo is OVER!!! Kevin received his last dose of toxic waste on Friday. The weekend before was the last 3/day inpatient stay! Overall, this last round was a little better then the last one. They added more anti-nausea medications per IV this time that seemed to keep the nausea monster more subdued. The list of anti-nausea medications kept increasing--up to 5 now (Zofran, Ativan, Marinol, Kytril, and Scopolamine). Kevin was back in school last week for 2 classes by Tuesday, and a half day on Wednesday and Thursday--then it was back to the hospital on Friday. He will still have to take GCSF and have labs checked until the poison is out of his system. We are hoping to see sprouts of hair in about a month--though nothing that we will need the lawn mower for yet, I'm sure. On June 1st, Kevin will have all of the tests again to make sure that the cancer is gone. If it dares to persist it will be facing a very angry mother!! I doubt that any cancer will want to do battle such a formidable foe!

Right before his last treatment on Friday, Kevin posed with his oncology nurse and favorite physician. When you get the three together, they are a ball of laughs. Linda already has Kevin's name on her sophomore daughter's "potential husband list".

May 14, 2005 - 10:26pm
Fantasy_yaner says:

hope you get well soon.