Golfing Fix

May 5th, 2005 - 7:49pm by Mom

Well, I'll be heading to the hospital with Kevin tomorrow while hubby will be heading to the golf course! He has a severe case of golfing withdrawal that needs immediate attention. Actually it is a much deserved treat. For the past few weeks we have been busy with some house face-lifts, namely new shingles, siding, rain gutters, doors, and deck. The project is nearly completed, but was quite disruptive to Dick's sleep cycle.

Starting at 7am, the pleasant sounds of a cross between a jackhammer and WWII artillery served as his alarm clock. Since he only gets to bed around 4am, this was quite disturbing. Also, as the siding project got underway, Dick suddenly was alarmed to find that everything was falling off of the walls inside the house. The vibration from the pounding guns was making all of the wall ornaments and hangings quite upset and they decided to protest by falling down. For those of you who haven't been to our home, I do believe in having my walls full of pictures, etcetera, etcetera, and etcetera!! Dick had to rush from room to room and catch things as they came tumbling down!

There was also the constant need for him to oversee everything and make changes and decisions as the project was underway when inevitable unforeseen developments cropped up. All this adds up to a lot of stress for someone who doesn't like disruption and change. He could see that much beloved golf course fade more and more out of his line of vision until it was just a distant memory. Specialists were consulted, and all agreed, the only cure was a round or two of golf ASAP!

Actually, he did a fantastic job of holding down the home front in the midst of all of this turmoil and does deserve to have a day off. I will come back tomorrow evening and then we'll both go back to the hospital on Saturday and spend the night in the cities, coming home with Kevin later on Sunday.

Kevin has been feeling so much better since his transfusion of platelets, packed cells, and plasma last Thurs. I'm hopeful that this last round won't be as hard on him as the 3rd one was. Keep him in your prayers this weekend!