April 29th, 2005 - 7:21pm by Mom

Now that Kevin has returned to the land of the living, it is time to give some serious thought to his Make-A-Wish request. In viewing their web site, I came upon a fantastic discovery. Some recipients were granted their wish of owning their own horse! The recipient was matched very carefully with a horse that was right for them. Then a package containing care and riding lessons and tack was provided. Boy--did the wheels start turning in my brain! I had it all figured out. We have a fenced back yard so we already had a "grazing pasture". Kevin has already mastered the skills of "pooper-scooper" since that was one of his weekly chores when we still had our dog, Kirby. This would just be taking it up to a higher level. We would even consider promoting him to "chief pooper-scooper" to make the title more impressive.

As far as where we would ride the horse amongst the concrete jungle of St. Cloud, as well as hay and all the other small incidentals encompassed in horse ownership--well I felt that would be easily managed with a simple e-mail to Uncle Mike F. @ HELP!!.com. I could see it all coming together quite nicely and was already choosing names for "our" horse! Well, for some reason, Kevin failed to share in my enthusiasm. The lofty title of chief pooper-scooper didn't really appeal to him. For some odd reason, his desire to wish for a super duper mega computer system overrode any attraction my horse idea held for him. He wasn't even receptive to my alternative plan of a week at a ranch out west or a week of white-water rafting. He did choose a Tropical Island getaway for his 2nd choice, so all is not lost!

Kevin will now be assigned a Wish Team who will do a home visit to speak directly with him about his primary and alternative wish requests. This will probably by happening after his last round of chemo. At least it is something special for Kevin to look forward to! But I still think he should have wished for a horse! After all, isn't it the duty of a son to live out the dreams of his mother?

May 1, 2005 - 12:08pm
John R. Bruce says:

Hey "Chief-Pooper-Scooper"---I'm thinking with the new title, you might need some assistants(Mom & Dad)...Sounds like a good idea to me...Take Care

John R. Bruce