Camping at Taylor's Falls

April 25th, 2005 - 7:31pm by Slye Fox

Janie and Jana are our neighbors across the street and we all hang out on a regular basis. Enough to learn that her and the kids had never been camping before. You know -- campfire, tents, roasted marshmallows and all that. So Joy and I figured we'd help fix that and we all went to Taylor's Falls for the weekend.

Camping at Taylor's Falls

So we loaded everyone in the Jeep and headed out Saturday afternoon. The kids were awfully excited to be sleeping in a tent for the night and stay up past their regular bedtimes. We roasted hotdogs and brauts, drank beer (just us adults of course) and made smores. It did get pretty cold that night, so we made sure everyone was bundled up real good.

Then in the morning after camp eggs made Joy-style, we headed to the pothole park and scampered around on the rocks for a while. Then off to home to pick off the woodticks and take a long hot shower.

Had a great time everyone. I'm glad the kiddies had a chance to be in the outdoors. We'll have to make sure it becomes one of our regular outings. :)