Tough Week!

April 22nd, 2005 - 6:29pm by Mom

Kevin hasn't been in school all week. When we left to go to Mpls Children's on Tuesday for the day of chemo and tests, we pulled into a McDonald's drive--through so Kevin could order one of their breakfast meals. (Cooking isn't my forte in the best of times, much less at 6am.) By the time we got to the cities, he was complaining of an upset stomach. This escalated throughout the day. The chemo he got sure didn't help the situation. Despite the massive amounts of anti-nausea medications they gave him, he kept feeling worse.

By Wednesday, he had severe diarrhea, very upset stomach, and very low endurance. We have a 4 level home, which means there are 3 half-flights of stairs between the levels. When Kevin walked from his room and up the half flight of stairs to the couch in the family room, he was panting from the exertion. Labs were drawn on Thursday, and the WBC's were down to 600 (should remain above 4,000). So whatever bug Kevin picked up, his body had no resistance to it. He is back on the GCSF through Sunday.

Today, he is starting to feel a little better and his appetite is returning. It was good to see him back on his computer instead of just lying on the couch. Kevin's theory is that there was something suspicious in the McDonalds food he ate that morning. Maybe the infamous Wendy's finger migrated to McDonalds!

At least the next (and last!!) round of chemo doesn't start for 2 weeks, so hopefully Kevin can recoup some normalcy between now and then.