Stressful Day!

April 20th, 2005 - 9:03pm by Mom

After being with Kevin at Mpls Children's yesterday, I knew I would be facing a back log of work at the office today. I was just settling into a good routine and chipping away at the pile of work ahead of me, when low and behold, I got an e-mail "flash warning" that the federal auditor was in the Annandale office and would be in St. Cloud soon to accompany me on a client visit and view some charts. For those of you not familiar with the health auditors--their primary function is to elevate the heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, and stress level of health care professionals to a very dangerous level. It seems they take great pride in doing so and have perfected intimidation to an art form. They come without warning, just appear at the doorstep, chuckling at everyone's fear. They pour over files and charts and policies with a vengeance and beam with delight when they find a small deficiency. If none is apparent, they will dig even deeper which prolongs the agony. During this time, the office staff are quaking and blubbering with fright and finding outrageous excuses for extended lunch breaks. When the auditors finally leave, everyone rushes to a plastic surgeon to erase the 10 years of age lines the past few days left permanently etched on their faces. And this process can be repeated as often as every year! Who says nursing isn't hazardous to your health?

Actually, the auditor that came today was very "user friendly" and not intimidating at all--contrary to some that we have had in the past. She did go with me on a client visit and will return tomorrow to finish going over charts, ext. Hopefully, I'll still hold this opinion of her when she is finished! REM Health has a deficiency free record that we are hoping to maintain. There is never a dull moment where I work!

Kevin wasn't in school today, and may not be able to go tomorrow. He was still very nauseated and fatigued today. They will be drawing labs again tomorrow to be sure his cell counts are not dropping to low. I can't wait to be finished with the chemo. It takes so much out of him. But better days are on the horizon!!