Rauschbier! Rauschbier!

April 20th, 2005 - 11:29pm by Slye Fox

Oh Joy of joys, (literally), do you know what my sweet heart found for me? Hint - see pic at left.

Back in the day or a year ago, I was guzzling beer in Bamburg and had the most deliciousest yummy smoked beer that ever ran across my tastebuds. The Schlenkerla brewery had created a masterpiece and I hauled two boxes of it back with me to the States.

According to the brewery then, they did not import the stuff across the Atlantic so it was a sad day when I drank the last bottle. But then, apparently that has changed, cause the Surdyk's down the street has a bunch of it. :) What a great surprise to open the fridge after work and see that there were two bottles in there waiting for me.

Now I can have Rauschbier nearly anytime I want!