New Hairstyle!

April 19th, 2005 - 7:50pm by Mom

It was another long day with chemo, more tests, and more traffic congestion. But, we are now officially finished with round 3!!! Kevin also had a Cardiac Echo, EKG, and Pulmonary Function Test today. He is very fatigued and nauseous right now, but he received a new mediation that hopefully will be more effective then the Zofran was for management of the nausea.

Have you noticed on the photo section that Kevin has miraculously grown a full Mullet hair style overnight!! The kid really is quite phenomenal! Actually, his friends and coworkers from Parkwood 18 Theater gave him the wig when he first lost his hair. He wore it in the traditional redneck fashion with the hat and attitude when he went to a movie on Sunday.

Adam made the picture of the tropical sunset for Kevin. It is a color pencil drawing that we will be framing. He is finally allowing his creative juices to flow, and the results are so wonderful!

I'm hearing distant rumbling thunder and patters of raindrops!! I am going to close now so I can just bask in the wonderful sensation of a spring thunderstorm. I love them!