Home At Last!

April 14th, 2005 - 10:18pm by Mom

Home-Sweet-Home!! I was hoping to have Kevin DC'd from the hospital early enough to miss the brunt of the rush hour traffic. Well, that didn't happen. I don't know how the people who have to battle it each day going back and forth to work keep their sanity.

Kevin had a rough time with this round of chemo. They have tried everything to keep the nausea down, but this time nothing seemed to help much. His oncologist said they have one more line of defense to try for the next 3--day heavy cycle. There is an anesthesia medication that is sometimes also used in small doses for combating nausea. Supposedly it is very expensive and it isn't easy to get approval to use it for chemo. But they will see if they can get it for Kevin to try to make his next hospital stay more comfortable. Wednesday night the hospital ordered pizza's from the Green Mill for all of the patients on the 8th (oncology) floor. But Kevin was too nauseated to even look at it. It is indeed a rare event for Kevin to snub his nose at a good pizza!

Well, I am extremely tired and still have loads of laundry to finish so I wish everyone good night and, as we used to say when we were kids down on the farm, "don't let the bedbugs bite!"