Retreat of the Nasties!

April 8th, 2005 - 10:44pm by Mom

After a long day of testing and an even longer and frustrating commute battling mega traffic, we had a fantastic message on the answering machine upon our arrival back home. The preliminary results of the CT Scans were already in. We've got the nasties on the run!! The little buggers are at the edge of the abyss and getting ready to sound the retreat and surrender! The results of the PET Scan will be the most conclusive and won't be in until Monday, but the CT Scans showed the cancer responding to the chemo as well as everyone had hoped it would. Now only 2 more horrible chemo cycles left to endure. Kevin will be inpatient on Tues, Wed, and Thurs, of next week for the start of his 3rd round. But now the end is in site!!

Also, Kevin got some good news today. If he wants to (which he does), he can go to Camp Make-A-Dream in Montana for a week this summer. It is a camp for cancer patients and/or survivors and is totally paid for by the Kids Cancer Fund. For first time cancer patients, there also are scholarships for the airfare to Missoula, Montana. Kevin will be going from 6-29 until 7-6. He will be going to the teen camp for ages 16 through 18. There is one other girl and boy his age from Mpls Children's who will be also going that week. It sounded like a great experience and a lot of fun. They have white-water rafting, and many other fun activities. They have a full medical center at the camp staffed with volunteer nurses and doctors. The timing is right because Kevin will be finished with his chemo. And now we're very hopeful that he won't need any radiation. But if he does need some, that should be completed by then also.

Kevin also had a rewarding experience today at the clinic. A 12 yr. old boy from the cities was newly diagnosed with Hodgkin's and was in the clinic today to receive a chemo treatment. He was very concerned and scared about losing his hair. The nurses and physicians have always been impressed by Kevin and his positive attitude and humor, so they asked him if he would meet with this boy. When the boy came into the room, Kevin laughed and joked about his own hair loss and gave him some encouragement and reassurance about peer acceptance and becoming comfortable with cancer and baldness. I think it was a very positive experience for both of them.

By the time Kevin and I got to Maple Grove on the way home, the nausea caused by the dye from all of the scans was leaving his system. Neither of us had eaten all day because Kevin couldn't eat before the scans were completed. So we stopped and had a great dinner at Red Lobster. I have to fatten him up. When he was first diagnosed, he was 132 lbs. which was not much for his 5'10" frame. Now he is 123 lbs and his clothes are just hanging on him. He is eating nonstop except for the weeks of chemo, but still losing weight. So, we got a list of high calorie hints to add to his meals and snacks. Boy, how I wish that was my problem!! There is something to be said about this cancer thing if it allows unlimited calories without gaining weight!!