Attack of the Zombie Iguanas

April 4th, 2005 - 7:51pm by Slye Fox

There was a dead iguana by the river today. Upon heading out for break at work, we stumbled across this guy on the bank. (Someone kicked him into the water.)

It makes you wonder what his story is and how long he'd been there. (I just presume that it may not be a she for the sake of simplicity in writing this little entry.) Was he someone's ill-fated pet that bit the finger one too many times? Possibly he was carried off by winged monkeys and accidentally dropped. Maybe even he escaped the torturous realm of his glass cage and found that it gets pretty damn cold at night here in the early spring of Minnesota. I am curious anyway. Enough to write this right?

So mourn the lost iguana and light a candle to your appropriate god so that he does not arise later and seek vengeance. To the best of my knowledge the river bank in the little park near work is not an old Indian burial ground or otherwise place of past slaughter that might indicate a pet cemetary aspect to the case. But then again, there was no real reason for Jason to keep rising out of Crystal Lake either. Maybe it's just something in the water. So best be careful, huh.