Spring is in the Air

March 30th, 2005 - 12:42pm by Slye Fox

Now it's official. To me anyway. It's not Spring until we have the first kickass thunderstorm and it doesn't turn into slush. It's raining cats and dogs out there and the sky is making an awful lot of noise. :)

I just love thunderstorms, don't you? There's something really cozy about being in from the cold huddled in a blanket watching the rain slew by a few inches away. A hot cup of coffee fits well with this image. The ground is unfrozen enough for worms to come up for air and the first robins gorge themselves on the pickings.

Water runs everywhere in the spring and the ground turns to this primordial mud from which the new plants will sprout. You can even smell the new life in the air.

Okay, so there's my poetic composition of the day. :-P

In other news, spring is also that marvelous time when we get our tax refunds back. Yay. What will you do with yours? I'll be taking a couple of trips and buying myself a couple of toys. Since Dad is laid out for awhile, it'd be good to go see him (and enjoy the 80 degree weather in Florida.) So I'll do that in a couple of weeks, me thinks. And then our big Tennessee trip is upcoming and the tickets have yet to be purchased.

And of course, the plane rides need to be enhanced by proper electronic gadgets, so this is where the new toys come in. I had pretty much convinced myself to get an iPod like everyone else and be content walking around with 30 Gigs of mp3s and photos. But then, for the same money I could have a portable DVD player that does all of the above plus has a 7 inch hi-res screen for movie watching. Dilemma solved. It may be a bit bigger than an iPod, and the memory may be at the expense of DVD-R capabilities, but I know I'll get a lot more use out of something with a decent screen.

This fun toy will allow DVD watching at the coffee shop, on the airplane or wherever else and I don't have to lug the laptop. (Which is really nice with it's 17" screen, but it weighs a ton and sucks the batteries dry before a movie could play through.) I can also play mp3s on the portable, use it as a larger image screen for my camera and use it as a regular DVD player when hooked up to a larger screen. Sounds pretty cool to me.

And in addition, one must have adequate sound going into the ear canal. So a fine set of Audio Technica ear clips will do just fine. Goddamn cool looking aren't they? Japanese cherry wood and all. Now I've got adequate electronic gadgetry for long flights and more.

March 30, 2005 - 2:50pm
Bellagirl says:

Spring, thunderstorms, warm sun, wee baby grass, new life ... and that kick ass feeling you get all over when Spring is in the air ... these are some of the most beautiful things life is made of!

On a techie note: Lucky I get to hang with such a saavy tech dude! Can't wait for TN!