Nearly Normal

March 28th, 2005 - 7:42pm by Mom

Kevin is starting to feel nearly normal again. On Sat. and Sun. he felt like he was 100 years old. Every muscle and joint ached. I told him to remember the feeling, because it would become a part of life if he allowed inertia kick in when he reached his golden years. If anyone knows how to keep inertia at bay, it is Aunt Kathy! She has some beautiful chairs in her home, but doesn't have a clue how comfortable they are because she has never sat on any of them. Needless to say, inertia isn't in Kathy's vocabulary.

But the aches and pains subsided somewhat today, and his energy level is rising. Appetite has improved immensely since the restart of Prednisone and is continuing. I have refurbished an old bucket to make it more appealing for when I stand on the street corner asking for donations for his grocery fund. I may have to do that real soon. The Girl Scout cookies we had ordered were delivered today. They should keep Kevin's hunger at bay for awhile. Thanks Amanda and Kyleigh!!

We shared some good company and a delicious Easter meal with Ryan and Joy yesterday. Joy introduced me to the wonderful world of a peach margarita (WOW!). I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Enjoy the sunshine!!

March 29, 2005 - 12:56pm
Slye Fox says:

Actually - you've got that inertia term not quite right, Mom. Inertia is the ability to stay in a state. Either at rest or in motion. So Kathy has tons of inertia, her's just isn't zero like Kevin's is sometimes. I think hers is more like mach 2 or 3 maybe. That's why we hear the roadrunner "beep, beep" when she runs by. :)

March 29, 2005 - 7:44pm
Mom says:

Thanks for the correction! I do hear that beep, beep sound quite frequently. It is getting louder as the spring wears on! By the way, I like the new cover page!