Heavenly Massage

March 25th, 2005 - 9:09pm by Mom

The end of round 2!! Kevin received a double dose of the Blythomycin and regular dose of the Vincristin today at Mpls Children's for the last of the 2nd round of chemo. No more chemo now until after April 8th. On that day he will have a PET Scan and CT Scan to determine how he is responding. After the results are in, his oncologist will decide the next course of chemo for him. This way he will be off the Prednisone and chemo for a period before he is scheduled to take the ACT test which is on April 9th.

He was feeling pretty nauseated and very tire today after we got home. We stopped in SAM'S Club to load up on frozen yogurt and icee push-ups. Cold frozen stuff goes down the best after these treatments.

A massage therapist came in to Kevin's room right after his chemo was finished today and gave him the most heavenly massage. She added him to her list so that from now on when he is inpatient for his 3 days she will come up to the 8th floor and give him messages--especially to his legs when the muscle cramps set in. This is another extra perk from the hospital for their patients--there isn't any charge for these massages. I wish we would have known about this earlier. I'm sure he will definitely be taking advantage of it now.

Have a Happy Easter everyone!! Smile because spring is here!