Will anybody survive this year?

March 24th, 2005 - 3:40pm by Slye Fox

Okay - my brother is battling lymphoma. The "meds" (aka poison) that they pump into him to kill the tumor leave him without any defense so he gets sick. I've just gotten over the European plague that's going around and I'm sure it's still hanging out in my sinuses. Joy and Anne are both home from work this week with a stronger version of that plague. And now I find out my Dad is in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism.

The guy works himself too damn hard. Putting in 60+ hour weeks doing furniture deliveries and repair all over the state of Florida for his employer. And he's not the young wipper-snapper he used to be. He'll have to ease up a bit I'm afraid. And his employer is going to have to realize that he won't be able to keep up with that pace. A blood clot in your lung is a serious thing.

So Dad - lay off the cigarettes and coke for awhile. Stay home from work and rest up. Start getting some sleep at night and take care of yourself. We all want to see you around for a good long while yet. I want you to be there when Adam is released. And there's a good many events to come down the road that you need to be around for.

My Dad has not really ever had it easy. He's made some good decisions and bad ones in life. And he continues to struggle to make ends meet. But one thing's for sure - his mind is as quick as a whip and no one would ever deny his ability and effort to get a job done right. He's a damn hard worker and a smart one too. He just has to use the mental part more and the physical part less and slow down a bit.