Back in School

March 23rd, 2005 - 8:21pm by Mom

Kevin did manage to make it to 3 classes at Apollo today. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be able to go all day. He is still very nauseated and needs the antiemetic meds every 4 hours. But besides that he seemed to pick up some bug that is causing a sore throat and general malaise. He is back on the GCSF so his counts should be good. They'll be checking them again on Friday when we go down for the last of the 2nd round of chemo.

One of my clients is regressing with a degenerative disease process and may not have much time left here on earth. When she becomes an angel, it will be my 3rd client death in 6 months. These are wonderful individuals and families, and in working with them, they become a part of me. When one passes, it is like a piece of me is missing. When I think of the difficulties we are dealing with now with Kevin, it is so minor to what these families deal with on a daily basis. And we know that Kevin will overcome this and someday soon this will all be a bad memory. He will be well and able to carry on with his life. But for these families dealing with a chronic syndrome affecting their child, that light at the end of the tunnel isn't there. This is a lifetime commitment and won't go away. I have even so much more admiration and respect for what they go through on a daily basis now I'm experiencing just a very small part of that. But life goes on and we'll take it a day at a time and enjoy each one to the fullest!

I will be putting out my Easter basket this year in the hopes that the bunny will fill it with caramels--that always makes everything better!!