Just Give Him That Good Old Toxic Waste!

March 21st, 2005 - 10:06pm by Mom

Kevin and I managed to beat the snow on Friday morning. We left at 5:30am to avoid the rush hour and snowstorm. The area around the hospital received about 3-4 inches--looked beautiful coming down, but filled the streets with very slippery slush.

Kevin was more heavily medicated for nausea this time then the last 3-day stint. Besides IV Zofran around the clock, he also received IV Ativan (which also helped with the leg cramps) and oral Marinol, which is a marijuana derivative that works good for nausea. It only comes in pill form, though, which meant that Kevin needed to be able to drink enough water to get it down. He did manage this 2-3 times a day, and the added medication seemed to help. But the combination of all of these meds also made Kevin quite loopy, and he has no recollection of any of Saturday. He doesn't even remember Ryan and Joy visiting and was surprised to see the pictures of him and Ryan on the web site. A hospital orderly who was helping Kevin's nurse on Friday morning get him hooked up to the chemo, summed it up the best when he told Kevin he was being pumped full of "toxic waste". One of the chemo meds is so strong that it can't be administered into a peripheral vein (in the arm) because it would cause the skin to have 3rd degree burns. So it has to go in via a port-a-cath like Kevin has. It is no wonder that he needs the extensive flushing after the meds are all in to prevent damage to the liver and kidneys. NASTY STUFF!!! He should have stuck with caramels!!

Kevin is back on Prednisone so he is getting his appetite back, but still is very nauseated and very fatigued. The chemo zaps him of all energy (not that he had that much to begin with). I think he will try to go to school for a few hours tomorrow, and hopefully a full day after that.

Kevin and Ryan were competing for the most perfect chrome dome on Saturday. Kevin has a brown mole right on the middle top of his head and Ryan has a very pronounced sagittal crest on the top of his head. Never did figure out who won the contest. It may be decided in the next Reality Show--stay tuned!