Wonder Drug

March 15th, 2005 - 10:39pm by Mom

It truly is a wonder drug!! After taking the GCSF injections for 4 days, Kevin's cell counts are back WNR and he is feeling good!! It is totally amazing to me how fast the count can plummet without the medication and how fast the injection brings them back up. Kind of reminds me of caramel (it can cure all of the world evils). Now all is set for 3 days inpatient at Mpls Children's this w/e.

We had a call from Kevin's oncology nurse today for the final arrangements (which, alas, doesn't include any caramels). Kevin needs to be there by 8am on Friday, so I'm hoping the roads and traffic won't be too horrendous since snow is in the forecast. I'll be hitting rush hour morning traffic going down. Since Dick has to work on Friday night, I'll take Kevin to the hospital and come back late Friday evening. Then Dick and I'll go back on Saturday morning until Sunday late afternoon discharge.

Keep Kevin in your prayers this w/e!

March 16, 2005 - 11:51pm
Mel says:

Hey Kevin, glad to hear you are feeling better. Tom is so excited knowing you got to go to that Wolves game. You must have brought them luck. Tom's nephew Jamie (who attended Cathedral too) has chosen to remain a chrome dome. Both he and his brother Cory have "the smooth look" and like it. Mike Stangl who is a Cathedral graduate also had bout with cancer his senior year. He is now Sr. at SCSU. So many happy successes. You are on that list. Hang in there and know so many folks are keeping positive thoughts for you. Have a Happy Easter. love Mel & Tom