The Wolves Won!

March 9th, 2005 - 9:32pm by Mom

It is always sweet when the Timberwolves win their game. But it is even sweeter when you can watch them to that from Kevin Garnet's private box suite at the Target Center. Kevin didn't get to meet Garnet, but did meet his manager and came away from the game with a Garnet jersey, bobble-head, cap, and binoculars. It was a great evening out for him and I want to again thank Mpls Children's for providing that opportunity! Ryan took some great pictures which are already posted on his web site. We will be posting some on here as well, but aren't quite as speedy as Ryan. If you want a sneak peek, go to Ryan's web and click on Timberwolves Pics. Actually you may want to browse around on the site for awhile--Ryan is quite the web page designer.

Today we received a dose of reality. Kevin's labs were drawn by Option Care. His counts plummeted! I couldn't believe they could drop so much in one week. He will restart on the GCSF injections tomorrow with another lab draw on Mon. He is still feeling good and just needs to be very careful about infections and injuries. Hopefully the GSCF will bring the counts up enough so he can still receive the next round of chemo starting on 3-18. He is enjoying his spring break week with no school, chemo, or work. It is a happy interlude before it all begins again!