Home again.

March 4th, 2005 - 7:35pm by Mom

Kevin only received 2 IV chemo meds at Children's today--so the infusion went faster then last w/e. He received IV Zofran and hydration also. We were back home be late afternoon. Thankfully we don't have to go back for more chemo now until 3-18. Kevin will have numerous labs drawn between now and then to monitor his liver and kidney function and cell count. He needs this break after every round of chemo to give his liver and kidneys a change to recuperate since these meds are extremely hard on both of them. The oncologist said the flushing and burning Kevin experienced after the GCSF injection was because his WBC was still relatively high, and the medication is designed to elevate it, so his body was reacting to that. That makes sense because each day the flushing and burning were slightly less then the previous day. His cell count has dramatically dropped, but not more then they were expecting it would, and not in a dangerous range yet. Option Care will be coming to our home to draw all labs, so Kevin doesn't need to go to Centra Care for any of that, as we first thought he would.

He is very fatigued since we've been home and becoming more nauseated. It shouldn't be as bad as last week, though, since he only received a partial chemo cocktail today. Hopefully he'll start feeling better tomorrow. Next week he will not be on any of his medications except the GCSF after Wed. That will be great!! It will all start over again after that, but at least he'll get a little reprieve.

Well, I have to go finish laundry and do some dusting. Dick did all of the vacuuming for me and laundered all of the beds while we were in the cities. Thank God for domestic men!! He is such a great help and support for me and Kevin!