Can't fill him up!

March 3rd, 2005 - 10:01pm by Mom

Help!! He's eating us out of house and home! Yesterday and today he can't seem to get enough to eat! I have never seen him eat so much in his life! If this keeps up, I will be standing on the street corner with a hat asking for donations (come to think of it, I may do that anyway!).

Actually, it is good to see him get his appetite back and then some. He still needs the Zofran every 4 hours, but at least he's eating more then oranges. Bad thing is tomorrow he needs more chemo. But only one day of it this week, so hopefully he does okay and won't need to be hospitalized overnight. I will be taking him down myself tomorrow because Dick has to work tonight and Friday night.

The facial flushing and swollen lip have been reappearing every evening. I think it is a reaction to the GSCF injection he needs every day. He also still feels a burning sensation for approximately 45 minutes after each injection. I spoke to the Option Care pharmacist and both of these are abnormal reactions. Kevin should only feel the burning while the medication is going in and maybe for a few seconds after. This will all be discussed with the oncologist tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have more answers then. Of all of the medications Kevin is on, this one is the most important because it is what his immune system needs to keep the WBC count up. I really hope he can continue on it.

He is out eating buffalo wings and playing trivia with his friends right now. It is so good to see him well enough go out and enjoy life again. He received a gift bag from all his classmates in the AP History class yesterday with a card signed by many more friends. He felt so good about receiving that. His friends have started collecting hats for him to wear when he loses his hair. Some of them are hilarious! The whole junior class is rallying behind him. It is really great.

I'll let you know how tomorrow goes after we get back. Right now I need to do laundry or I'll have to wear a cardboard box to the cities--may make driving a little awkward. Keep Kevin in your prayers!