Could he be pregnant?

March 1st, 2005 - 9:17pm by Mom

Kevin was able to go to school until noon today--then started to get dizzy and nauseated, facial flushing, and chills alternating with feeling very warm. But that is a step up from yesterday!! He is starting to cycle between extreme cravings (caused by the Prednisone and one of the chemo drugs) and complete food intolerance--sometimes within the same hour. Maybe the diagnosis was wrong and he's actually pregnant!! I'm in the market for grandkids, just never figured they'd come from that source. Hopefully he will be able to be in school for a longer time tomorrow. This week is the end of the 2nd trimester.

Kevin has been living mainly on oranges since he is home. Anything cold and icy seems to be tolerated best. He has a request for Aunt Rose in Florida--sent him an orange tree!!

I think I finally figured out his medication regimen for the meds he needs to take at home and the chemo med cycles at Mpls Children's. It is on a 21 day cycle with different med mixtures every day and some days without any. It is quite complicated and my tiny brain was getting very fatigued trying to keep it all straight. I have it all on a monthly schedule now to make it easier for Kevin and me to follow.

Kevin received a card from Apollo H.S. today that was signed by 54 friends and classmates. They wrote such neat comments and notes to him (yes, mom read them). I know it makes him feel good to know that they are sharing this experience with him. It helps him still feel connected to his normal life!