Signs of Life

February 28th, 2005 - 10:30pm by Mom

Kevin has re-entered the world of the living!!! After getting up at 7 am to take meds, he went back to bed until the early afternoon when he was able to eat an orange and the fatigue was starting to lift. By 6 pm he was eating some of Dick's good homemade chicken noodle soup and a few grapes. He still needs the Zofran every 4 hours for nausea, but it does help. I went to fill another px for a 2nd container of Zofran to keep at Apollo H.S, (schools here need a separate px that stays in school with the nurse). I got a bottle of 30 pills and with the insurance, paid a $45 deductible. Since our deductibles are usually anywhere from $10-$30, I asked why it was so high for this one. The pharmacist said the medication is very expensive. The bottle of 30 pills I had in my hand cost over $1000. I couldn't believe it. Zofran is a fairly common anti-emetic. There is something seriously wrong with these pharmaceutical costs!!! So I told Kevin he was taking "pills of gold" and to save any he doesn't need so I can sell them on the black market and have an early retirement! Since he is getting this medication IV before, during, and after each chemo tx--that will be some bill! Thank God for insurance. We should be hitting Kevin's annual out-of-pocket maximum real soon at these rates.

Option Care was here and Kevin received his first injection of GSCF at 4 pm. The medication burns when it is going in and for about 30-45 minutes after the injection.

Kevin is feeling a lot better tonight. I did have to call the oncologist because of jaw pain that was getting worse (another side-effect of the Vincristin). The oncologist that was on-call said to take Percocet through the night, and the pain should be subsiding tomorrow.

Kevin is planning to go to school for a partial day tomorrow. He is actually doing make-up homework right now!!

SpeeDee sent a beautiful flowering plant (Cineraria) from St. Cloud Florist to Kevin today. I also had a pleasant surprise when I got to work this morning. On my desk was a big gift bag filled with things to do and read while sequestered with Kevin in the hospital and/or clinic and a huge gas card which will help greatly with all of the trips back and forth we are making. I have such a great bunch of co-workers in the office.

Well, I need my beauty sleep (not that it is helping!), so I'll close for now.

Keep Kevin in your thoughts and prayers!