First Chemo

February 27th, 2005 - 7:46pm by Mom

It is 6 pm and we just got back from the cities. Kevin ended up having to stay in the hospital until late this afternoon. His first round of chemo started at 8 am Friday morning. Before the chemo medications, they ran Compazine and Zofran to help prevent nausea. They were running Zofran with the chemo all three days. Kevin had 9 lines going into him and it was quite the trick for him to drag the IV pole with all of the pumps and lines attached whenever he needed to get up. By Friday night one of the chemo meds was causing Kevin's legs to twitch and the muscles to cramp. He also started having some nausea and emesis Friday night. They gave him some Ativan and he was in La La land for the rest of the night. He didn't even wake up when they came in to take his blood pressure every few hours. Saturday was the second round of chemo with more massive anti-emetics to prevent nausea. By Saturday Kevin was very tired and slept nearly all day. He still needed the Ativan Saturday for a muscle relaxant to manage the leg twitching and cramps.

Today, after the last round of chemo, he was still very fatigued and also slept most of the day. He was only able to eat a few popsicles on Sun. He had 24/hr IV running for hydration so he didn't need to worry about drinking, since that increased his nausea. Hopefully by Tuesday the nausea should be gone and he should be able to eat more. We do have oral Zofran to give him every 4 hours for the next few days as well as many other preventative meds to prevent infections, constipation, nausea, ext. We will have Option Care come out tomorrow and bring out the supply of GCSF which is an injection Kevin will need every day to boast his WBC (which helps prevent infections). He will also be taking oral Prednisone every day.

We found out today this will all be a lot more involved then we were anticipating, but hopefully he will be a rapid responder.

We do have a home tutor available now for the times that Kevin won't be able to go to school. She can help him keep up with every thing except calculus. Since math isn't her forte and Kevin is already above her level in math, the math teacher will hopefully do a home visit if needed occasionally. We'll just have to see how it goes.

Well, I have tons to do before it is off to work tomorrow! This sure makes for a short w/e! Dick will be posting some more pictures he took over the w/e at the hospital.