Coffee at its best is coffee pressed

October 17th, 2006 - 11:25am by Slye Fox

I gots me new Frenchy Press yesterday and I brewed my first cup o' heaven this morning with it. :) Tell you what - I thought the new Obsidian blend from Caribou was yummy, getting it to go every morning on the way in, but now that I've had it press style - there ain't any going back. There's a whole new range of aromas and flavours that haven't been burnt away when the beans are freshly brewed without boiling or burning. All kinds of blends will now require re-tasting with this new brew method.

Ever have one of those fancy coffees that look like tar at a pricey bistro in the teeny cups? Me, too. And that's just what we get out of the new frenchy press. Uber-delicious morning sludge that's the complete perfection of coffee. I definitely recommend the procedure. Quit fouling your buds with the nasty office/foam cup swill and join me on the better side of caffination.

Here's my recipe:

  • Have your favorite local caffiene dealer grind a dark, dark blend on rough. (Tell 'em it's gonna be pressed.) Don't grind it with a whirly - you'll just end up with filter clogging powder. Keep your grinds in the freezer when your not digging in it.
  • Fill your 12oz frenchy with 3 heaping tablespoons of rough ground beans. (I always err on the side of more and probably have around 4 tablespoons.)
  • Pour hot water into the frenchy to within about an inch of the top. At work, we have a fancy new coffee brewer/water heater that delivers perfect 200 degree filtered water. Don't use boiling water, you'll scald the grounds and they'll be too bitter.
  • Stir with a plastic spoon, put on the lid and let steep for exactly 4 minutes. 4 minutes is critical - use a stopwatch. Too long and the coffee will be too oily. Too little and you'll have watery mule-piss.
  • After 4 minutes, gently press the frenchy's filter down to the bottom and pour your perfect cup o' joe. My 12 oz frenchy is just enough to fill my coffee mug. The smells and tastes will be like none you've had before. Unless of course you're already enlightened.

Mmmmm - heaven in a cup.

October 21, 2006 - 1:09am
raven1025 says:

See, I totally agree...except you actually shouldn't keep yur coffee in the freezer. You can get moisture on the in and out, and it can pick up flavor from your freezer/fridge. A cool, dark cupboard is the way to go.
Not that I am a coffee snob or anything.
Nor was I in heaven in the slightest drinking coffee in Europe.