Pray for the Rabbit

February 10th, 2005 - 11:01am by Slye Fox

What kind of cruel bastard of a god lets a tumor grow in my little brother's chest. A kid who's never done anything wrong in his life. (Certainly couldn't say that myself when I was his age.) The Rabbit is more caring, humble, well-mannered and mature than most people I know and he's younger than they are by far.

So light your buddha candles, dance Jamacian voodoo dances and pray to Jebus that the evilness in his chest is benign and today's surgery will end the madness.

We only just found all this out last night as K went into the hospital to find why his chest hurt. An x-ray and CAT scan later, a surgery was scheduled at a real hospital down here in Minneapolis to remove the nastiness. No one will know how nasty it is until a biopsy is done to determine if it's malignant. Of course we all hope for the best.

It's hard to imagine such a brilliant young guy having to deal with all this. I can't picture how scary it must feel to know that something like that is inside you. Feeding off you. Anyway - there's a whole plate of bitter anxiety for all of us to share as we wait for results.

I'm going to remain optimistic and be sure that the next post I right has a positive ring to it. Here's to hope and faith in medical technology.

February 11, 2005 - 9:19am
Slye Fox says:

Things are appearing much brighter today. K-man won't go into sugery until this afternoon, but it's the experts' general opinion that he has Hodgkin's disease. Although that's not fun, it is the best of all evils. The success rate for kids his age for complete recovery is above 90%. Of course, we won't really know anything for sure until the nastiness has been removed and they chop it up to investigate, but the level of worrying around here has decreased to a manageable level. Rabbit is doing fine and busy ordering out for dinner before another CAT scan this morning. If it is the aforementioned ailment, then the worst of his recovery will be the chemotherapy and I'll get to pick on him for having a bald head. ;) Things are looking up and up, people, despite how bad it all sounds.

February 11, 2005 - 11:33am
Slye Fox says:

Thanks dear - so well put, I just wanted to forward the message here...

Kevin's surgery will take place today, at Childrens Hospital in St. Paul. They are taking phenomenal care of him, and his entire family-it is indeed one of the best hospitals in the nation, for so many reasons. Hooray for MN Healthcare!

After yesterday's tests, Kevin's surgeon said he indeed has Hodgkin's disease, but that it has been discovered at an early stage and is therefore quite treatable. Also, the surgeon indicated that the recovery and success rate of a person Kevin's age is over 90%, and they are confident he will benefit greatly from the treatments available, and recover completely.

In the meantime, he will lose his hair, and it is also a possibility the treatments will cause sterility. Thanks to modern medicine and technology, there will be measures taken to literally preserve a sample of his 'ability' to bear children. As for the hair, Ryan has stated he's wanted to shave his head for sometime, and supporting his brother Kevin is the best reason he could think of to do so! (I think that's sweet.) =)

Thank heaven for such a competent, kind and understanding staff at Children's, and thanks also to the generosity of the Ronald McDonald house. Thank you so much EVERYONE for your support and love, it makes it easier for us all to stay positive and accept what has happened. Kevin is a strong sweet person, and he will get well-I'll keep you updated as things unfold and more information is available.

Much Love,


February 11, 2005 - 5:47pm
Slye Fox says:

And now another update...

Kevin is just recovering from his surgery now and is pretty sore. They had to make a 3 to 4 inch incision on his chest to dig just between his first and second rib. They discovered that the tumor has grown around the airways entering his lungs and the major valves of the heart. Because it's so wrapped up in the vitals, they only removed enough to biopsy. The initial report of which is malignant or in other words it is cancer of the lymphnodes.

So now Kevin recovers from the surgery and we all wait to hear the full biopsy reports. This will comfirm that it is Hodgkins or what else it may be. In a few days he'll start chemo and at the end of all that the tumor should shrink away to nothing. If it is Hodgkins, the success rate is nearly 100%.

February 12, 2005 - 6:10pm
Slye Fox says:

The last update. :)

They completed the biopsy today and determined that Kevin does indeed have Hodgkins disease as thought. This means that he'll be released tomorrow morning after they schedule the chemotherapy sessions.

The doctors and experts anticipate 100% recovery with no chance of recurrance after the chemo and some radiation therapy. That's as good of news as we could expect. :)

K will start his chemo this coming Friday most likely and the duartion of treatments isn't yet defined. Way to pull through, man. The worst is over.