I'm a Firefox convert

January 14th, 2005 - 1:50pm by Slye Fox

Screw Internet Explorer and Bill Gates and his Microsoft. The only reason I keep IE around is to see what the virtual world looks like for the rest of the 82% of the population who still haven't evolved enough to realize that any other browser is better. Internet Explorer doesn't follow web standards or any other rules. You have to hack the shit out of your own code just to make IE display things correctly. It tries to think and automatically do all kinds of things without your knowing. There isn't any mouse gestures or tabbed browsing. The are security holes and trojan welcome signs all over the place so Bill and his buddies can spy on you. All in all it really sucks and if you're still using it, I'm sorry for you. Go get a real browser.

And on that note, the Rabbit clued me into Opera years ago and I love it. Immediately hooked on the mouse gestures thingy and tabbed browsing. (In other words, only one program window open and the ability to travel between the tabs by simply moving the mouse in certain patterns.) Like the Guiness Guys say -"Brilliant, Bloody Brilliant." But then, an Opera bug that apparently has existed from the beginning showed it's ugly face. A damn error pop-up would appear whenever I clicked on a link. According to the forums, once this starts, you can't get rid of it. And even after many new versions of Opera, the dev team still hasn't addressed this. For shame, guys. Their loss however.

So now I'm a Firefox man. Still using mouse gestures and tabs. And even more. As I explore the inner workings of Firefox, I'm really impressed. Thanks again, Rabbit. I'm a complete convert. And you, fellow surfer, if you're still banging on rocks with your Internet Explorer, go download Firefox and see what you're missing. The world is greener, cleaner and faster here. Come on over from the dark side. (Bill Gates sleeps in a Darth Vader mask.)

January 15, 2005 - 9:08pm
Slye Fox says:

Be sure to download the "bugmenot" extension so you don't have to ever sign up for any worthless site again. Save's a lot of time... and spam.