Goddamn Viruses!

January 6th, 2005 - 4:28pm by Slye Fox

Well fuckity-fuck anyway. Goddamn Live Update has been outdated for a while on my box now and so today I was afflicted with the latest dirty bug from the net. Evil bastards of human slime that create such virtual heathen. It destroyed one of my system files and so the laptop would not reboot. System recovery: no go, Safe mode: no go, loss of patience: go. So fuck it - it's roach time. It really needed it anyway, but now it means that I lose everything that was there. Yay. (That's sarcasm at it's most cynical.)

Goodbye all old emails, goodbye financial records, goodbye all original photos, goodbye every goddamned thing I downloaded and liked over the last two years. So apparently this year will really be a COMPLETE start over. (For those of you with websites I've created, don't worry, they are backed up elsewhere.)

So here I sit, with Bill's blue screen of impending doom telling me the status of a harddrive format. Awaiting the reinstall of Windows XP. Damn Bill's popularity or I'd be a complete Linux convert. You better believe that my hacked shit is going in this time. No expiration Live Updates for Norton and such. Fuck this shit anyway. I've got better things to do than pick of the scabies and barnacles that web surfing leaves behind.

At least there'll be lots of harddrive space again.

Oh - and P.S. - there are a few still awaiting old pre-christmas photos to be posted. That was in the works, but now they're gone. So sorry - but no new albums from last year. So light up those wicken devices of torture and cast evil spells against all virus manufacturers so that they are infested with crotch mites and have arms too short to scratch.

January 11, 2005 - 3:26am
kirch says:

dude, could you have hooked up your hard drive to a desktop, via the second IDE? it would have been worth a try to recover your files before reformatting the HD.


January 11, 2005 - 11:41am
Slye Fox says:

Yeah - probably - in fact, I could have run it from the shell and at least would have been able to transfer from the C: drive to the DVD burner. BUT...

That must be weighed against my patience and frustration and in this case, I just said fuck it. I'm missing a lot of what I had now, but the clean sweep is squeeky-clean nice, too. Sure runs faster now.