A new theme for Goobertech emerges...

December 13th, 2004 - 10:15pm by Slye Fox

Goobertech (as previously eluded to) is undergoing some radical new changes. The new php-nuke knowledge in my head is tempting me too much and there are things I want goobertech to evolve towards. A brand-spanking new look, for one.

Also -- I've been watching in the background and seeing what features of goobertech are actually being utilized. With this, modules that have not been used at all will be trimmed and the overall site will become more efficient and streamlined. So goodbye to the forums and avatars (those are too damn hard to make fit against the various skins I plan to have.)

Right now of course you're seeing the latest goober-skin. Feel free to switch it back to the old one if you prefer and are a member, but there are some things that will simply be changed forever. Like the "online now" block. It'll take a little time to bring some things like the phpBB2 modules, the gallery and calendar around to match and be skin compatible, but it'll get there. Eventually. Patience, young grasshopper. Until then, you may have to endure some funny looking things, but everything should still work correctly.

Oh -- and by the way, the tagboard will be back. But it must be royally hacked in order to not fuck up the skins. So until then...

October 14, 2004 - 1:23pm
Slye Fox says:

Check out the latest skin, Deep Red. If you're a member, then you can customize goobertech with the theme and style of your choosing. Just join up and click on the "themes" icon in your account settings.