Ultimate Custom Php-Nuke Compatible DVD Pages

December 6th, 2004 - 4:48pm by Slye Fox

I had mentioned before how I eventually wanted to automate my DVD section of the site. Well, it's done.

The work I did for Singles Party Radio forced me to learn all kinds of cool things php-nuke related. (As indicated.) And so I've written myself an entirely custom php-nuke module to display and peruse my DVD collection. I've been using ANT's movie catalog to keep track of my collection. It's great because I can keep track of whom I've borrowed movies to and it automatically uses the Imdb to grab movie info. But the best part about it is it's ability to output excel compatible or SQL compatible database tables. So my custom php-nuke module uses this exported table from ANT to populate it's html. Now when I want to add a movie or edit a field, I simply modify my ANT software list and upload the new SQL table. Web-work done instantly. :) It's everything I wanted. Now I can search for an actor or genre and every movie in my collection that fits the bill is listed in a click. It's a great way to peruse through my 400+ DVD's to figure out which I'd like to watch that night.

So check it out!