Singles Party Radio

December 1st, 2004 - 3:39pm by Slye Fox

Singles Party Radio with Anne and Friends is now alive.

Many may have noticed the seeming neglect of goobertech lately. Sorry folks. But I have been hard at work. My friend, Anne (from many of the goober-pics) has started a new gig as a radio show host on the "Mighty 1220". Tune in on Fridays between 4 and 6 in the afternoon and listen in. I've been diligently working to make her site online-worthy and ready for this Friday's debut. It's based on phpNUKE like this site, but believe me - there isn't too much NUKE left. I've become the nukemaster as well as the goobermaster and have gotten to know this code inside and out. MySQL queries with php? Hah! I laugh at your attempt to stump me. Custom blocks and modules? Child's play.

Anyway, the site is pretty much complete and left to Anne to fill with content and new shows. And I can get back to the things I wanted to do to goobertech before and now know how. Let this also mark the beginning of a whole slew of new websites created by, ahem, mwah that serve others' purposes and help get me a bit of extra moola.

So visit Anne's site and listen to her program on Friday!