Get the Gremlin outta the House!

October 1st, 2004 - 2:55pm by Slye Fox

I hope most of you watched the debate last night. 'Cause if you did - I don't see how you could possibly still stand behind Bush. Although the Kerry -vs- Bush match wasn't spetacular by todays reality TV standards, it did prove to me beyond a doubt that Kerry is the better leader and at least has his head screwed on straight.

I'm not a very political person and I don't go preaching my beliefs to others without invitation. But I do know what I think is right and what is a morally just and correct way to live in society. Let's just say I'm quite liberal and very pro-choice (no matter what that choice is.) I'm not going to get into details about that or attempt to argue my position here. That's not my point.

What is my point is how much my views are not Bush's views. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but frankly they are based in ignorance and refusal to accept the reality of scientific research and a more evolved society. I mean, god, how much like Napolean is this little fuck. Sorry - I'm incensed.

What I got out of the debate (the bit I saw anyway) was that Kerry's views and standards are very close to my own. And if I weren't rock solid in my voting choice before, I'm as immobile as a steel monolith now. And to further cement that in, I and a couple of friends went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. I hadn't seen this before, because I'm not a fan of the media in general and prefer my news as unbiased as possible. (Thank god for the BBC.) To me Mr. Moore had stood for the apex of all that was the most biased out of all media and I didn't think his films were worth my time.

Then I saw him on the Bill Maher show about a month ago and found a new respect. (Slap myself for forming a pre-disposed position without enough evidence.) And so now I felt ready and desired to see his anti-Bush movie. And so we did.

Although a lot of it is pure propoganda and is most certainly biased - it's impossible to deny the facts that are presented. And it definitely lends itself to a strong case against our current leaders. I found myself disgusted to find that our country is so misguided by these money-hungry politicians. How much like Wag the Dog is that. How could anybody possibly think (if they're able to) that a continuation of this state of our nation should continue.

So - people - let's do our part. Get off your ass and vote this year. Let's create the change that's needed and bring our kids back from Iraq. Let's reform our international standing amongst peer countries to a positive one again. Let's improve our economy by focusing more funds to where they're needed. Let's rid the world of the WMD that Iraq never had. (Damn - under that mentality, why aren't we invading North Korea instead of Iraq.) I think it's just fucking silly that anyone could still be convinced otherwise.