New Blog!

September 13th, 2004 - 10:22pm by Slye Fox

Alrighty peeps - the new blog is here - you'll notice slight variations anyway. This is all highly under construction yet, but the foundations have been laid. MT is no longer used and Wordpress is now the engine behind the scenes. (The search feature actually works now, :D.) You'll notice the ability to register as an official goober-member now, as well. I haven't screwed with this yet and so if you register, you may accidentally be deleted. My advice is to wait until I give the OK, and figure out exactly how I want to operate that. The whole point will be the ability to have multiple authors and secret categories. ;)

In addition, the new photo album section is redone. The photos still all need descriptions and meta-tags so that the search works properly, but it'll get there. Just like the blog, registered users can eventually make their own albums as well as set permissions for who can see what. Very cool, huh?

Admittedly, this code was much harder to hack up and make gooberish, but it's getting there and little tweaks will continue to happen. Eventually the old site will die all together when I delete it and all the old links you may have will go bad, which means the googlebots will have to start over, too. But that's not so bad considering the new format and interactivity level.