An incredibly long entry relating to the author's recent absence

September 7th, 2004 - 3:23pm by Slye Fox

First an apology to all of my loyal fans out there who have been anxiously awaiting the next entry or photo album to peruse. (Please excuse my narcissistic tone.) These last few weeks have been quite busy with lots of non-internet related activities. Now that I'm more or less settled into the new living arrangement, social life after work has skyrocketed. Quite literally - there is something to do with someone every night or a party to go to or a party that people are showing up for or just visitors or hanging with friends or fill the blank. Don't read me wrong, life is grand and I'm by no means complaining. It's just that life is different now. No longer do I just hang out in front of the computer screen for evenings at a time.

That said, I've sort of reached a bit of a stalemate with this here site, I believe. It's becoming more and more difficult to raise the ambition to make new entries. Most of the fun with this site for me has always been the maintenance of its complex structure and making the various parts of it work correctly. But that's more or less done, and the content (or filler) isn't flowing as freely lately. Maybe it's the over consumption of beer that clouds my creative brain. But I think it has more to do with all of the other various projects that currently occupy my mind. And to take a small step back -- there's a good reason for no new photo albums. My fancy camera is still busted and in need of repair. It's a shame, cause there have been many opportunities for good albums in the past few weeks.

Anyway -- back to these other projects. I'm currently working on a few new sites for friends that range from complex like this one to simple static sites that are more graphically designed. To accomplish this, I'm hunting for a different blog engine than the current because the bastards at Movable Type have decided to try and make money for their efforts now. Can't blame them certainly, their suite is fine work, but I don't want to shell out $80 to stay up to date either. I think anyway. Certainly, I'd rather continue to work with something free, but also something I'm so familiar with.

So in light of these other efforts, it's making me take a new look at the overall picture of goobertech as well. Me thinks a major change is approaching soon. Maybe a brand new engine. Definitely a straining of what this site contains. I want to make this space more user-involvement friendly and secure. And I want to make what I do here easier and less time consuming for myself. I'm still in the planning, brainstorming, investigating stage.

So now that I've given at least a bit of an explanation -- please be patient -- it'll come around again. I don't want this to become a chore for me, it's always been just a hobby and creative outlet and needs to get back into that vein.

September 7, 2004 - 5:38pm
Slye Fox says:

In answer to my own hunting - Wordpress will become the weapon of choice. More features, just as powerful and still free. Take that MT, nyah, nyah.