On the air with Anne and T

August 6th, 2004 - 10:16am by Slye Fox

So with due warning, I got my ass out of bed this morning by 8 so I could catch the radio debut of friends, Anne and T, on AM 1220. (That's local Stillwater, folks.) But I couldn't get the stereo inside the condo to pick up anything but static. So I raced into the parking ramp and back up through it's bowels with the tuner set to 1220. And on emerging onto 5th avenue, there it was strong and clear. Dating advice from our local experts, Anne and T, hosted on the Bob Yates morning show.

So I did get to catch the second quarter of the show, as I found that the closer I got to work, the fainter the signal became. What I did manage to hear though, was good, girls. The dates gone wrong: a time trapped on a sailboat with no possible escape being surrounded by water. The possible use of cell phones for the perfectly timed call: "Oh jees, I'm sorry - gotta run, it's an emergency." The 800 card for the all important "can I have your number", that when dialed has the "you've been dumped" recording. (If interested here's one of those - 212-479-7990, although I should find one with a Minnesotan area code.) And before the station faded to oblivion, I was listening to how people met through the internet and email aren't always quite the same as real life. How true. Anyway, I'm glad I got to hear as much as I did. The ladies have a natural on-air voice and rapport.

They were on Bob's morning show this morning from 8 to 9 and will be subbing next week Mon, Wed, and Fri for the whole show (that's 6 to 9 in the morning.) I think I'll have to find an AM amplifying antenna. Either way - I'll be tuning in, not just because I know them, but because they're fun to listen to and a good break from my typical MPR morning. So if your interested, tune in to AM 1220 next week and listen in.

It's a good start gals, surely you'll be asked to continue your new radio gig, "Singles Party with Anne and T", again and again.