Jpegs and pictures and albums, oh my

July 30th, 2004 - 1:57pm by Slye Fox

This album's a little late, but better now than never. Last week, Marcel and I went the Annie Lennox / Sting concert at the T-center with Christine and Vickie. Good time folks, but wish I'd been a bit more sober. Seemed like the concert lasted 15 minutes to me. Had fun, though. Thanks for bringing your camera, Vickie.

Annie Lennox / Sting Concert

And then here's the latest drinking expose from our little shindig at the condo. Thanks for showing up everybody - it was a great time, even though we got rained out at the end. You were already wet anyway, right Jeremiah? I'm sure you'll get your revenge on Saturday. Look out, Marcel.

And it was my last chance to hang out with my girl, Paula. We'll miss you, babe. Good luck out there in Vegas.

Mohito Pool Party