Personality Test

February 26th, 2004 - 5:46pm by Slye Fox

All right - I got suckered in...

My personality test results from Swirve are in. Apparently...

You are a Teacher.

Your Basic Characteristics:

Extroverted / Introverted - 55% / 45%
Sensitive / Intuitive - 45% / 55%
Judgemental / Perceptive - 50% / 50%
Thinker / Feeler - 47% / 53%

The Teacher

Potential: It's a word you think about more than most others. You like the idea of what can be as opposed to what is. That's where the Teacher in you shows up. You won't necessarily be a teacher professionally, but that's not what this is all about. You know how to get the most of out people, and that is a talent that is very valuable.

You're the consummate planner, good with people and good with ideas. Creative and quick, you can respond to any problem with a plan, and you can get the people around you to make it work. When you're around, things go the way they are supposed to. This makes you feel good, right? Yeah, it's supposed to.

All of this is great, but there is a downside too. Your ability to make others shine means you're often in the background. You don't get the credit you deserve, and that really sucks, even if you refuse to admit it. Hopefully, sometime down the road, someone who's life you changed will come back and sing "Wind Beneath My Wings" for you. This will make it all worth it.

Surprisingly accurate, I guess. Especially that last paragraph - I need to start charging more or something.

But Lisa says...

You're always up in everyone else's business. You can't help but stick your big, ugly nose where it doesn't belong. You try to make up for your own inconsequential life by attempting to make some sort of difference in everyone else's. Trust me, you suck at your own, don't screw mine up.

Possible Career: Professional Party Planner

Jesus, is it that time of the month, bitch? I'm really not a nosy person at all; always willing to help, but only if you ask me. :)