Bad Bush

February 26th, 2004 - 5:07pm by Slye Fox

I'm not one to rant and rave or carry picket signs and march, but every once in a while the impressive ignorance of well-known folk makes me stand back in "shock and awe". (Whoever really coined that term should be dragged out to the back alley and kicked for awhile.) When yahoo news alerted me to Bush's new stance over the whole gay-marraige thing, he sunk to a new level of purgatory on my mental shit-list.

Recall the fiasco over homosexuality in the military, as if it had anything to do with ability and servitude. We all bleed the same and can certainly serve our country the same. (My bit of patriotism for the day.) So if that's an acceptable practice now, what the hell is wrong with a couple, regardless of genitalia details, sharing health benefits and the other privileges that go along with a state sanctioned coupling. Although the whole ritualistic ceremony of marriage doesn't really float my boat, (been there, done that), I can certainly understand how others would desire this and be recognized officially under that rite.

I mean damn, look at the TV and some of it's highest rating shows. Will and Grace, Queer Eye, and others all show that playing for the same team is the new popular trend. It amazes me that with the intellectual America hopping on this bandwagon, that a figure as influential as the president would further categorize himself with the lowbrow attitude of fear and loathing associated with the ignorance and misunderstanding of those whom he hopes will support him.

Please read Wil Wheaton's take on this matter, it's what inspired my current rant. And remember that this is the year we get to do our part in voting on these issues, so do your part - read a bit on the net, watch the news and figure out who stands for your views so that the real public opinion can come forth. No candidate is perfect, but certainly we can a lot better than present.

February 27, 2004 - 9:53am
Marcel Luc says:

thx for these comments Ryan !!!

yur a good man.