Show us Yer Def Leppard!

October 11th, 2006 - 12:51pm by Slye Fox

A friend of mine is in second place as of this morning. Help push her pic to number one by following the link below and voting for her pic. She writes...

Alright! The pressure is on for front row tickets to my favorite all time band - Def Leppard!!! The Box 101.9 has now decided to post ALL of the photos for the contest!!!! UGH!!!! So, with that, please vote for my photo, which is the one with the sunset and lake in the background. If the photos stay in order, I am now number 8. To get to the contest, go to, then "Open the Vault" link.

Feel free to pass on to friends you think may vote for me!

Thanks alot!!


The crazy, number one fan!!