Ninjas and boy stuff

February 12th, 2004 - 4:50pm by Slye Fox

Hey Rabbit remember the official Real Ninjas website. Stumbled across it again while surfing for por..., I mean humorous sites and re-laughed my ass off.

Reminds me of making ninja stars back in middle school out of 1/8 inch sheet metal and selling them to school kids. Come to think of it -- I recall making grappling hooks and finger claws for climbing, as well. Or how about the BIC pen blow guns with sewing needle darts. Amazing what the school system used to be ignorant of back when I was napping behind desks.

Equally amazing I still have all my fingers. Potato cannons, modified shotgun shells, general havoc and anarchy with fireworks, high voltage electricity experiments and the general ignition of items with gasoline were all a part of my personal education. Hey Todd -- recall the fun we had burning a six-foot diameter circle in my Mom's backyard with a failed tin can, duct-tape, gasoline and matches induced vision of firepower. Or how about the home-made camp stove experiment that ended with the propane tank exploding in the pre-dug hole in the garden. (Sometimes we did think ahead a little bit.)

Ahh -- the memories of blissful childhood days when we were indestructible.