Sick of being sick

February 5th, 2004 - 3:15pm by Slye Fox

Okay enough with this damn cold already. I've had these evil little viruses lurking and causing trouble in my body now for a month. It seems they have overthrown my anti-body army in my nose and have set up headquarters there. I try to oust them with Dayquil missiles, but the darn things seem to have brought their own bottled water or something and are impervious to my medicinal attacks as they hide out waiting for the wave to pass. Seems like the Dayquil serves mostly to just shut down my brain and prevent proper motor control. As soon as the dizzy Dayquil high is gone, the wee beasties are back in force aiming to seek revenge.

I eat enough oranges and vitamin C everyday to raise the GNP of the Florida fruit growers. Certainly won't be getting scurvy any time soon. Arrrrgh... how many boxes of tissues does a guy have to go through, before the damn cold viruses call it even and move to greener pastures?

I suppose that using Guinness as cough syrup may not really have the desired effect, but this is war. I figure if the beasties are a bit plastered, the anti-body patrol might have better luck. (They've been with me long enough to build up a tolerance by now.)

I also refuse to openly acknowledge the virus' presence, in hopes of hurting their feelings and making them feel generally unwelcome. And on that note, I will head to the slopes this weekend for snowboarding fun in the new powder regardless of the battles and raids they start. Replace Dayquil with martini's and maybe I can drown the little bastards in alcohol. It is a sterilizing liquid, right? Wish me luck and hand me my drink.