Janet's Nipple

February 3rd, 2004 - 12:42pm by Slye Fox

I know it's already old news, but in case any of you missed it -- here's janet's nipple baring once again.

I just happened to be sipping my moosehead at that moment and almost sprayed a mouthful as I declared, "What the f#%k, was that her tit?" And then it was over. I figured I must have been mistaken, since such free nudity couldn't have just happened on the CBS half-time show.

But it did, *smiles with glee*, of course all of the churchy sites are going nuts and the FCC demands justice. Oh get real - in Europe there're boobies on TV all the time, are their kids now mentally warped and perverted? And for the rest of us that enjoy viewing a nice chest accessory every once in a while, there is TIVO and the internet.