Underwater Pics

January 29th, 2004 - 6:26pm by Slye Fox

For coolness - I found a tutorial and downloadable action for photoshop that corrects pictures underwater with a red filter. (Actually, the steps are pretty complex and numerous.) The results have been applied to the pictures I took whilst in Cancun. Take a peek for yourself, they're under Tuesday Morning and Friday. Have fun comparing between the before and afters. I was amazed at how much color popped out after a bit of adjustment.

On another note I figured out why my Opera browser wasn't refreshing its visited links. There's a "delete private data" tab under the file menu that clears this up. I think it's new for the updated version.

January 29, 2005 - 6:59pm
Rabbit says:

Holy shit man... Those pictures are insane how much better they look.

January 28, 2005 - 8:55pm
Slye Fox says:

I know. I've just discovered the power of Photoshop "actions". Sort of like a macro, you simply do a bunch of stuff to a pic while recording your "action" and give it a name. Now you only have to hit a single button to do exactly the dame thing to any pic. And there are lots of pre-done actions on the net. Cool stuff.

May 25, 2005 - 3:12am
sha says:

Hi Goobermaster,
Your underwater pictures are really cool. Do you have the link to the action script for photoshop? I got a great deal of uinderwater pictures that need to be corrected.