Ha ha - more about Spam

October 10th, 2006 - 10:26am by Slye Fox

From the Berkley Spam archive...

Ask Dr. Science #2
Dr. Science (Doc@drscience.com)

> Dear Dr. Science,
> What exactly is that clear jelly around Spam?
> LeMatthew C. Bohne from Milan, OH

When Spam reaches a certain phase of development, it sheds its old skin, and grows a new one. This roughly corresponds to the human phase we call "adolescence." Older Spam sometimes suffers from hair loss and wrinkling. This is not to denigrate the integrity or value of the Spam in question. Many people prefer bald, wrinkled Spam, saying it has character. You should always discard the clear jelly before using Spam, although I've found that if I set it aside and wash it with a sodium hydroxide, it makes a dandy floor polish. I tried it on my car, but the next morning I found every cat in my neighborhood licking it and, before the day was done, I had to get a new paint job. Thanks Earl Schweib!