Spam, spam, spam, spam

October 9th, 2006 - 4:14pm by Slye Fox

My god I get a lot of spam each week. I recently switched web accounts between this current site and the old goobertech and forgot to transfer my email address. Since last Monday or so, I didn't get any new email. (It was kind of nice.) Although I did think it was a bit odd to not get one email, I didn't really think anything was wrong.

So - when I figured out what the deal was, I had to look up all those emails in my server's squirrel-mail system. Which of course has no spam filter. 2400+ mails. Damn - this is going to take forever. I had to sort through them 20 at a time fishing out the 2% that weren't spam, or 45 out of 2400. It took me 2 hours. Anyway - if you sent me a mail and I didn't respond, now you know the reason.

It's really amazing how many plasma TV's and lotteries I won last week. As well as various paypal warnings, messages on my inferior manhood and how to fix it and medications I ought to be taking.

Thank the internet gods for gmail and it's efficient filters. Instead of thousands of spam, I only have 5 or 10 a day that get through. Much more better. :)